Mega Menu

Feeling lost in your store? Showcase your collections in one look with our awesome Mega Menu. It is a proven fact that stores with Mega Menus are proving to be more successful than the ones that don't. Why? Because with this feature, you would be able to instantly share to your visitors all you have to offer. Giving you a better chance in converting them as customers.


One of the perks of having an online store is not being limited to a single location. And with this feature, we make it easy for your customers to pick the currency that they are familiar with and instantly show the converted price. This would avoid them leaving your store just to convert the prices. Keep their eyes on your product and they are more likely to buy it immediately.

Sticky Headers and Add to Cart

Did you ever find yourself reading a long description for a product only to scroll up again to add it to your cart? With Edge, you won't have to! With our sticky headers and cart buttons, your customers can easily access everything whether on the bottom or in the middle of the page. Keeping it convenient for them will give you a higher chance of conversion.

Language Switcher

A broader audience equals better sales. Our theme comes with a language switcher that will let you add a 2nd language gaining you more audience and better accessibility! You will be surprised how great a boost this is to your sales! Everything is customizable including the Menus, Product Title, Product description and many more.

Countdown Timer

What do customers love the most? Discounts! Now pair it up with a timer and that would hurry them even more on buying the items that they want! Don't settle with fake timers that would make the trust factors in your store go down! With our timer based on real time and set on per product basis, you can run a good promotion and gain more customers!

Stock levels

Supply and demand. That is the basic of economics. By showing them the stock availability, they are more likely to realize the bargain you are offering and immediately purchase! Running a dropshipping store or not managing your inventory within Shopify? No problem! Easily set a default and leave it.

Trust Badges

Starting up your own store? We all know how hard it is to start a new store. Customers are usually more cautious from buying from you at the beginning. Make them at ease by showing them how trusted you are with our badges. A traffic counter to let them know of other visitors, trust icons in your product description to know that they are secured, a sold notification to inform them that there are sales being made. All to clear away their doubts and give you a higher chance at conversion.

Product Reviews

A good review can go a long way! Add in a review tab in your product page and see how it can instantly boost your sales. Nothing beats a good product when it comes to selling. With Edge, you can easily show them how good your products are without any hassle.

Newsletter Popup

Know the secret for having repeat customers? Give them a reason to return! With our popup newsletter, customers and visitors alike will be able to enter their email address to receive your promotions or new items in their inbox! Again boosting your sales even further!

Social Media Integrations

SMM or Social Media Marketing is all the trend now and the future of advertising. An active account for your store is very beneficial in converting customers. Make it work seamlessly by adding feeds for Facebook, Twitter or Instagram in your own store!

Home Page Sections

Tired of your store looking the same as other? Rebel with Edge! With the all new sections introduced by Shopify, you are the boss of your home page! Add, move, or remove sections at your own will. And with a lot of sections to choose from including slideshows, banners, products, brands, blogs and Instagram feeds, the possibilities are endless! Your store would never be the same again!

Questions? Suggestions? Want to say hi? Send us an email at we'll make sure to read it. 🙂